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Confirmed Keynote Speakers: Professor Greg Garrard (British Columbia) Professor Mike Hulme (Cambridge), Professor Christiane Lütge (Munich), Professor Uwe Küchler (Tübingen), Professor Hubert Zapf (Augsburg)

What is now known as the environmental humanities has become a recognised and thriving field, and invaluable work that tackles the challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and energy consumption is being done in areas such as ecocriticism, human-animal studies, and environmental history. This work helps understand the cultural dimensions of environmental change and underlines the importance of both disciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to the global crises at hand. Yet, although policy documents, curricula, and research on subject-specific pedagogies underline the role of education in this regard, we are still only at the beginning of what could be called an ‘environmental turn’ in education...

More information: www.sustainability2018.uni-koeln.de


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Roman Bartosch: roman.bartosch[at]uni-koeln.de