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We are living in tumultuous times: Trump, Brexit, the European (dis)integration, climate change, the ‘end of history’ vs. the ‘clash of cultures’... These are issues that Anglophone Studies has been dealing with and must tackle even more rigorously in the future. What can literary scholars offer in terms of explanation and critique? What is the role and potential of postcolonialism and cultural studies? Does discourse in the humanities illuminate the current problems or does it obscure them, as critics of ‘political correctness’ and the postmodern tendency towards the ‘post-factual’ aver? Listen to renowned and early career scholars and join the discussion!



Jun.-Prof. Dr. Roman Bartosch: roman.bartosch[at]uni-koeln.de

Dr. Julia Hoydis: julia.hoydis[at]uni-koeln.de

Dr. Elizabeth Gilbert: egilbert[at]uni-koeln.de