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14.06.2017 09:34 Alter: 67 days
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BM 1 - MAP

Please note that in future, only those parts of the MAP that you failed need to be repeated. In other words, if your Grammar & Writing part, for example, was below standard but you managed Phonetics and the Oral exam, you only repeat the Grammar & Writing. As Klips 2 does not accept "Teilanmeldung", however, you enroll for the entire new MAP.

Please make sure that you send us a notification by 5 September in which you details which parts you need to repeat and which were already successfully completed. (mail to dagmar.flossdorf(at)uni-koeln.de). 

See your lecturers, Mrs Gilbert, Gündel and Mizelle for problems with the grammar section or Mrs Dahmen and Gündel for problems with phonetics.