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Winter 2020

  • Bodies and/in American Culture
  • The Great Experiment: The Formation of the United States in the Long-Nineteenth Century

Summer 2020

  • White Supremacy: Formations of Race and Power from the Declaration of Independence to MAGA
  • From Topics to Optics: Looking at American Culture Through the Lens(es) of "Theory"

Winter 2019

  • American Beasts: Animals and Animality in American Culture and Literature
  • From Sea to Shining Sea - and Beyond: Forms, Contexts, and Legacies of American Empire-Building

Summer 2019

  • Survivance: Cultures and Histories of Native America
  • Idea(l)s of Nature: American Cultural and Literary Perspectives from the Colonial Era to the 21st Century

Winter 2018

  • Fellow Creatures? Animals and Human-Animal Relations in the 19th-Century United States
  • Cultures of the American West