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Guest lectures (selection)

12/2021: "Climate Change Literacy", Lecture Series, Universitäten Cincinnati and
Duisburg-Essen (online)

04/2021: "Death & Variations: From Gothic Horror to Climate Change Fiction." Lecture series 'Todesarten - Ars
Moriendi' - a.r.t.e.s. University of Cologne

07/2020: "Posthumanism and Interactive Digital Media." University of Freiburg

01/2020: "Terrorism and Risk in English Literature." University of Saarbrücken

06/2018: "Risiko - zur Geschichte und Funktion des Begriffs aus interdisziplinärer Perspektive." Workshop
"'Gerufene Geister?' Relativität von Gesundheit und Risikoprädikation in der Medizin", University Hospital Cologne, University Hospital RWTH Aarchen, CERES Cologne, Conference Centre Kronenburg

12/2016: Fiction-Meets-Science-Workshop: "Beyond the Literary Science Novel? Genres of Narrating Science
and the Case of Climate Change Fiction." Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg, Intitute for Advanced Study, Delmenhorst

10/2016: "Victorian Risk, Society and the Industrial Novel." University of Verona

11/2015: "Mixed-Race Identity in Contemporary Young Adult Fiction." Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

11/2014: "Negotiating Identity in Contemporary Indian English Fiction." Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

03/2013: "'Change Is One Thing, Acceptance is Another': Ethics and Politics in Contemporary Indian Fiction". Cardiff University, Wales


Conference contributions (selection)

09/2021: "Stranger than Fiction? (Im)probability, Multi-Species Migration, and Climate Change in Amitav
Ghosh’s Gun Island." International Conference Subjectivties of Migration. Poetics and Genre in the Literary
Imagination of Migrant Experience since 1989
, Barenboim-Said Academy, Berlin

09/2021: "Risk, Borders, and Dangerous Others: Fears of (Spatial) Transgression in British Fiction." conference
Ecologies of Fear. Institute of Cultural Studies Essen (KWI) (online)

07/2021: "Afterlives and Other Posthuman Entanglements: The Tempest and Atwood’s Hag-Seed." World
Shakespeare Congress
, Singapore University (online)

06/2021: "Narrating the COVID-19 Risk Society." Conference COVID-19 Beyond Borders: Rethinking Medical
Humanities at the Frontline
, University of Vienna

05/2021: "Climate Change, Literacy, and Serious Games." GAPS Conference 2021 'Science, Culture, and
Postcolonial Narratives'
, University of Oldenburg (online)

02/2021: "Movement, Mobilization and Health Literacy in Indigenous Australian Hip Hop." Workshop "Hip Hop
", University of Konstanz (online)

11/2020: "Gendered Bodies and 'Immortal' Dancing Fairies: Shakespeare and Ballet Adaptations of 
A Midsummer Night's Dream", "Shakespeare and Dance", Autumn conference 2020 German Shakespeare
Association, Weimar (online)

09/2019: "Literature and Interdisciplinary (Health) Risk Research – Thought Styles, Probabilities, and
Narratives of Uncertainty." Anglistentag 2019, University of Leipzig

09/2019: "The Illusion of Choice and Contingency in Recent Examples of Posthuman Storytelling."
Co-emergence, Co-creation, Co-existence ASLE-UKI Biennial Conference 2019, University of Plymouth

06/2019: "A Slow Unfolding 'Fault Sequence': Risk and Responsibility in Lucy Kirkwood’s The Children."
CDE Conference 2019 "Theatre of Crisis: Aesthetic Responses to a Cross Sectional Condition". University of

07/2018: "'Boys & Books': a German Internet Platform Offering Book Recommendations for Male Readers
Between the Ages of 8–16." International ELINET Symposium 2018 Literacy in the 21st Century: Participation –
Inclusion – Equity
, University of Cologne

05/2017: "How to Break the Cycle of Heathcliff? Precarious Subjects from Emily Brontë to Caryl Phillips."
GAPS-Conference 2017 Representing Poverty and Precarity in a Postcolonial World, University of Bonn

11/2016: "'What I’m out for is a good time': Temporality between Risk and Routine in Alan Sillitoe’s Saturday
Night and Sunday Morning." The Times of Culture and the Cultures of Time: British Temporalities. BritCult
Conference 2016, University of Bielefeld

09/2015: "All’s Turning Black: Mixed-Race Identity Politics and (Post-) Apocalyptic Fantasy in Nalo Hopkinson’s
The Chaos." Jahrestagung des Deutschen Anglistenverbandes, 2015, University of Paderborn

09/2014: "Alien Creatures Between Folklore and Technology: Humanity in Nalo Hopkinson’s Midnight Robber."
Humanity and Animality in 20th and 21st Century Culture. Interdisciplinary Conference, University College London


Science transfer

11/2021: "Krisenerzählungen und Aufmerksamkeit." Instigator "Und so wollen wir leben?!" –
Interdisziplinäres Forum des IF Weinheim
, Stollwerk Cologne

09/2021: Herrenhäuser Conversation: „"Nur noch schnell die Welt retten: Der Klimawandel in Romanen".
Gäste: Julia Hoydis, Magdalena Göbl, Bern Sommer, Dirk Rossmann. Moderation: Annette Riedel.
Xplanatorium Herrenhausen, VolkswagenStiftung, Hannover, in Cooperation with 'Göttinger Literaturherbst'

10/11/2017: Come-In Conversation No.2: "Risiko. Gespräch mit der Literaturwissenschaftlerin Julia Hoydis."
Event as part of the training programme for Systemic Coaching and Therapy of the IF Weinheim