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Research Statement

I have a background in literary and cultural theories and Anglophone postcolonial fiction in the environmental humanities. My expertise and research interests include education for sustainability and resilience, inter- and transcultural learning with literature, human-animal studies, and inclusive education.

Currently, I am working on concepts of literacy and the role of literary fiction in education for climate action as well as the role of dissent and controversy in culture-sensitive and inclusive educational settings. I am also interested in questions of educational philosophy, especially in terms of modelling learning objectives in times of large-scale extinction and climate catastrophe. I have also worked on questions of literary value, the intersection of literary studies and literature pedagogy, and multimodal literature and media pedagogies. 

I am supervising BA, MED and PhD dissertations on these and related topics; current projects as well as published and forthcoming work are listed here and here.

I am Director of the Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Teaching in the Humanities (IFDG) and Co-Director of MESH, the University of Cologne's Research Hub for Multidisciplinary Environmental Studies in the Humanities. I also act as Speaker of the Project Group "Cultures of Climate" at the Wissenschaftsforum zu Köln und Essen as well as of the University of Cologne’s central Competence Area (CA IV), ‘Cultures and Societies in Transition’. I am also a Speaker and Mentor, together with Prof. Wiebke Dannecker, of the Postgraduate Class 10 at our Faculty’s Graduate School and the Graduate School for Teacher Education.