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Dr. Eimear Geary

English Department II
Richard-Strauss-Str. 2 (Bauwens, Geb.-Nr. 210)
50931 Cologne

Room: 0.A.19
Tel.: +49 (0)221/470 76966


Office Hours 
Please contact Dr. Geary by email for an appointment



  • Ireland: Born in Dublin, grew up on the Iveragh Peninsula, Co. Kerry


Teaching interests

  • Linguistics, Applied Linguistics and Psycholinguistics (with a particular focus on Second Language Acquisition and Learning, Bilingualism, Multilingualism, and Language Attrition)
  • Sociolinguistics (in particular language policy, minority and heritage language maintenance, language ideologies, and language and identity)
  • Second Language Teaching approaches and methodologies
  • English for academic purposes, English language skills and practice


Academic background

  • PhD (Linguistics)
    Title of dissertation: Second Language Attrition and the case of Irish: An exploration of the Savings Paradigm with respect to lexical item knowledge
    University of Cologne
  • Master of Arts Degree
    Major: Linguistics (English Studies)
    University of Cologne
  • TEFL/TESL International Accreditation (graduate program) focusing on theories, methodologies and practice, course materials, intercultural competence, and pedagogical issues
    Alpha College, Dublin, Ireland
  • Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Political Science and Sociology (BSocSc (Hons))
    University College Dublin (U.C.D.), Ireland


Professional background

  • Since winter semester 2006/07 lecturer at Englisches Seminar II, University of Cologne
  • 1996-2006 teaching/lecturing in the area of EFL/ESL. Also responsible for planning and coordinating course focus, content and design for multilingual and culturally diverse learner groups
  • Freelance translator and proof-reader (German-English)




Geary, E. (2022). Second Language Attrition and the Case of Irish: An Exploration of the Savings Paradigm with respect to Lexical Item Knowledge (Inquiries in Language Learning: Forschungen zu Psycholinguistik und Fremdsprachendidaktik 33). Berlin: Peter Lang GmbH.


Geary, E. & Rohde, A. (2023).  Putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes: Aktivitäten zur Stärkung der Theory of Mind bei Autismus. Grundschulmagazin Englisch 82, 34-35.

Geary, E. (2022). Teaching Theory of Mind to Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Inclusive English as Foreign Language Classroom. In Schick, K.-S. & A. Rohde (eds.), Von integrativem zu inklusivem Englischunterricht. Weiterentwicklung sprachdidaktischer Prinzipien vor dem Hintergrund sonderpädagogischer Förderung (pp. 167-189). Frankfurt a.M.: Peter Lang.

Geary, E. (2019). Can lost knowledge of a language be retrieved? An investigation of attrition and reactivation of lexical items in the case of the Irish language. In Willems, A., Thiele, S. & J. Kramer (eds.), Schulische Mehrsprachigkeit in traditionell polyglotten Gesellschaften (Romanische Sprachen und ihre Didaktik 67) (pp. 253-269). Stuttgart: Ibidem-Verlag.


Conferences and Workshops

Minority Language Learning: An Exploration of Affective Factors and Their Enduring Effects. Talk presented at CCERBAL 2023, “Bilingualism and Multilingualism: Transversal Competences, Mobility, and Well-Being”, University of Ottawa, Canada, May 4-6, 2023.

Multilingualism and the predictors of long-term linguistic knowledge retention: the role of motivation and the language learning experience. Talk presented at the “International Conference on Multilingualism and Language Acquisition”, University of Helsinki, Finland, March 9-10, 2023.

(with Kim Schick) Task-Based Language Teaching and L2 Learning in the Heterogenous Classroom. Talk presented at symposium “The Long and Winding Road – Sprache, Diversität und Englischunterricht”, University of Cologne, May 20, 2022.

Presentation of PhD research at workshop “The selectivity of native language attrition”, University of Edinburgh, October 13-14, 2017.

Kann eine vergessene Sprache reaktiviert werden? Eine Untersuchung ehemaliger Sprecher der irischen Sprache. Talk presented at conference “Schulische Mehrsprachigkeit in traditionell polyglotten Gesellschaften”, University of Cologne, September 12-14, 2016.